Monday, December 22, 2008

Yum Yum....

Enough said.........

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thankful own MacGuyver

The last 24 hours, we have had snow/ice mix at our house. Yesterday, everything was covered in a layer of ice. My husband's truck was outside, so when we went shopping last night, he started it up to let it "dethaw". So we are sitting in the truck, ready to head out and he notices his mirrors are solid ice. He gets out, and comes back with a small torch and proceeds to "deice" both mirrors. When he gets back in the truck, he says...."bet you wouldn't have thought of that!" Yes, honey, you're right...I wouldn't have!!!!"

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Korn and vampires!!

OK, I know it's been a while!!
We have satellite internet, and living in Indiana with the constant cloud cover, we don't have internet most of the time in the winter. I feel bad doing it all the time from work, so it's been a few days!!
I must also confess, I am reading the Twilight series.....and I must say that I LOVE IT!! When I read a book, if it's really good, I get so involved with it that I start dreaming about it. I also get really sad when it's over, so when I find a series that is really long, and it's really good, I'm very happy!! I absolutely love these books!! I am a huge Anne Rice fan, so for me to find some vampire books that can compare with her style is very exciting to me!! I would highly recommend these. Especially if you like reading about vampires!! I know what my "girls" are thinking....just another KORN issure here!! And yes, I'll agree, I think it really seems odd , because by looking at me you would never know that I like Korn and vampires!! Oh well, I guess we all have our secrets, but now that you know about mine....I'll have to come up with some more!!

I figured out what I find incredibly annoying on a very late response to Ang's question.....I find it incredibly annoying ....when I log onto someone's blog this music starts blaring.....I'm going to have to get that application and blare some Korn....just for paybacks :)

And, another reason to hate the seems like every holiday has a tragedy with it in my life...of some sort. Last night, I get a call from my renter and he has lost his job. Now, he can make this months rent, however he has also been paying me back for the month of October when we had an issue and the rent didn't get paid. So, am I a bad person for not telling him to keep the extra and buy the Christmas gifts for his kids?? I know that if I were a business (which I am) I really wouldn't care if his kids got Christmas or not....however, I also have a heart (even though it is filled with Korn and vampires!!) and am thinking how easy it would be to forego the extra payment this month so he could have some extra for his kids. However, on the flip side, we have already lowered the rent for him by 50$ to make it easier for him....I would rather do that than loose a renter-and he has been there for 2 years. Anyway, I was just venting a little......

hope you have a great day,

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I think it works now....

I'm trying once again to see if my name appears at the end....and I think it will this time! Thanks to my friend Ang, she figured it out for me after we worked on it yesterday afternoon for a while!
It's a new day, it's a good day, and I'm waiting on Friday so I can sleep in on Saturday! It's a pathetic life I lead, but I'm happy!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

once again

I say hello, I wave goodbye!

Trying again

Love to all, and to all a good night!!

My name...

I'm seeing if my signature works.....