Friday, November 28, 2008

The day after......

OK, the official day is over!! We still have 2 more turkeys to fix! We have our youth group coming over tonight to hang out. Then tomorrow, we are doing a aturkey with all my bloggy BFF's!!! I totally can't wait!!! My whole family is anxiously waiting for tomorrow!

I gotta tell ya, it's such a small world. Wednesday night, we went to some friends for dinner. They spent 5 years down in Dallas while Phil went to seminary at DTS. After he graduated, he pastored a church for a year that was going thru a transitionary period. Anyway, some friends of theirs came up for the week, and they invited us over for dinner with their friends. We got to talking and come to find out, Curtis and my brother were good friends!! It always amazes me how connected we all are. I am always striking up conversations with people, so I usually find someone we know mutally. I really enjoy that!

I'm going to keep this short today, I've got some cleaning to do and my husband's facebook to set up. Have a great weekend y'all!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More to be thankful for....

1. My husband, who grew up with a full time working mom, knows what it takes and constantly is helping me out.
2. My adorable little nephew.... what fun this has been!
3. Starbucks-open 24 hours this Thurs-Fri! It's a beautiful thing :)
4. Friends
5. My job...I think I have the best job in the world. I get the awesome privilage of showing parents the new life God created for them. Watching their faces when they hear the heartbeat for the first time is a miracle each and every time.
6. Mountains (I like these more than I like Starbucks :) )
7. Quad 3's smile in the morning
8. Quad 4's little laugh when he does something suspicious!
9. Chief ( our German Shepherd) when he knows he's not supposed to be in the trash, but he keeps one eye on you and the other in the trash can!
10. Watching my Quad 1 and the kiddos play Halo on XBOX 360.
11. My back deck. It's so peaceful
12. My Excursion
13. Starbucks and McD's pumpkin pies for breakfast !!!!
14. Big meals that really fill me up !
15. World peace (ha ha, I had to throw that one in ....duh!)
16. My bible and all it's little side notes I've put in over the last 20 years

Hope you guys have a really great Thanksgiving day. We are hosting 3 this year. My family on Turkey day, our youth group is comig over on Friday and we are doing another turkey, then on Saturday, all my bloggy friends....which we were friends before blogging....are coming over!!! WOO HOO!! That is the one I am really looking forward to. I can't wait!!
Hope everything goes well for all of you, and safe driving!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Giving Thanks

OK, tis the week for giving thanks.....

I want to first and foremost thank my Lord and Savior for sending his Son to die a brutal death on the cross for my sins so I can live eternally in worship to Him.
I want to thank my husband for putting up with me for 14 years! For always being my rock, and supporting me even when I have stupid ideas!
I am also thankful for.....
my kids
my parents
my sister, nephew, and brother
my BFF Ang and her awesome family
my job
McD's pumpkin pies
my it!!!
my pastor
my associate pastor
my bible study group and the women leading it
my youth group-they rock
my bloggy friends and twitter!
my puppy..sometimes ;)
sunsets and sunrises
babies-without them, I wouldn't have a job!!
Dunkin Donuts
Texas Roadhouse
Christian bookstore, or any bookstore for that matter!!

I'm sure I'll think of more, and I'll post them as they come.
Have a good day!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me Monday

1. I did not mix up a batch of cinnamon muffins, and while putting them into the oven did not spill the entire muffin tin upside down on the door and into the oven drawer.

2. I did not let the oven cool down, then proceed to invite my 6 month old German Shepherd into the kitchen to help "clean" the oven. Gross. ( I did really clean the oven with soap and water....promise!)

3. I did not sit by an old man on Sunday morning during church and listen to him snort snot all thru the service.

4. I did not then proceed to keep track of his snorting with tally marks and laugh about it with Quad 3.

5. I am not still remembering he did at least 128 snorts in a half hour's time and only blew his nose once....ugh.

6. I have not had McDonald's pumpkin pies for breakfast every day for the last week....fattening :)

I have been soooo busy this weekend. I painted my entryway, downstairs guest room, and the lower half of my living room. I took some before and after pics, but forgot my camera, so you can just imagine!!!
I am soooo looking forward to this weekend, but have soooo much to do!!!

Have a very good day,

Friday, November 21, 2008

Quad 4

I can't do one, without doing the other!!
Let me tell you about my Quad 4. He totally completes our family. He has a smile that lights up a room, and brown eyes that will melt your heart! He is sensitive to others needs, really before his own. He never stops playing and is constantly on the move. He loves army guys, hunting, and anything else Daddy is involved in. He likes to play jokes, but doesn't take them very well. He gets his feelings hurt quick, I think because he's so sensitive. He is a happy kid, with deep thinking. He hates to see other people hurt, but will tear up the field in football ( I think he has a little of Bob Sanders in him!!) He is currently growing out his hair so he can have dread locks like Bob, but he won't let me spike it in a mohawk or anything crazy!! He is good with little kids. He fights with his sister likes nobody's business, but then 2 minutes later, they are the best of friends. I am so glad that God gave me the privelage of being his mom in this lifetime.

Both of my kids are such good, easy going kids -most of the time!! We have our moments, but I thank God for the relationship that my husband and I have-not only between us-but with our kids as well! We are sooo blessed.
Have a good day!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quad 3

So Quad 3, who is 11, wanted me to write a post just about her!
She is 11, going on 16. It seems that one day I woke up, and I had a preteen. She loves fashion, clothes, and doing her hair. Yet she loves to ride FourWheelers, play in the sand and in our fort in the back yard. I love the perfect mix of tom-boy, and girl in her. She is a fighter, and would probably win most of the arguments, except she gets her stubbornness from me, and I've had mine longer!
She is probably the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. She's got eyes that change from gray-green, to an aqua blue depending on what she's wearing, and a great smile! She still thinks I'm the greatest mom to walk on the face of this earth!!! We have a really great realtionship, and lay down together in her bed every night and talk! She can talk and talk, and talk, and talk!!! She really loves to talk! She loves to read, draw, paint, design, and is very artistic/creative. She is such a good artist, which she gets from my Dad. She can debate anything, and do it well. Her attitude totally matches mine! She is a really fast runner, and is really good at the sports she tries. However, she isn't really all that motivated to do sports. She would rather read or draw. She brought "girl" stuff back into my life again, and I really don't know what I would do without her. She does really good in school, and is very outgoing. She is always making friends, whereever we go. I am soooo glad God gave her to me, specifically, to be her mother in this life.

Monday, November 17, 2008

walmart, rednecks and twitterers!!!

I was reading some "Not Me Monday" blogs and noticed alot of them have to do with Walmart!! Concidence? I think not! Walmart always brings out the redneck idiot in me! I have that unique ability to turn on and off my redneck trait! I am very professional at work (really, the bomb was a rare occasion and only in the storeroom) I would NEVER let my redneck show to my patients. They all think I am a very professional, smart ultrasound technologist. However whenever I go to Walmart, all my professionalism goes out the window! One time, I dared my sister to walk around Wally world, on a Saturday morning, with a produce bag on her head...tied like a do-rag......and she did it!!! Now, my sister and I are both about 6 feet tall, so people look at us together sometimes anyway and think we used to play BBall somewhere (noticed I said USED to)! So when you put a plastic bag on top of my sister's head, you get looked at, laughed at and smirked at!! It was by far the funnest trip I've ever had at Walmart!! I have gone to Walmart after not taking a shower all weekend, no makeup, in my PJ's and felt totally at home. Now, I want to define my inner redneck....I have all my teeth, I am never going to be pregnant again, I do have good hair, so it ususally looks pretty decent, and I NEVER wear flannel. So when I say inner redneck, I mean that I am looking basically like white trash, with my Indiana accent!!

Now, the real reason I'm writing this blog....I met a fellow twitterer today!!! I had met her before, briefly, but had really forgotten who she was. However, tonight, I went to work out and as I was leaving, there was SheliShawn ( I don't know if that's her real middle name or not!!) so we were chatting for a while, because she is friends with Ang, and sisters to Keli. Come to find out, she was married to my husband's cousin (yes, this is legal, although it does sound more like my redneck side!!) so I am cousins to her kids!!! Tee hee hee, I know this is probably confusing you all, but I find it incredibly humerous to know that I am realted to alot of people in my town, either by marriage or friends! When you have friends as good as Ang, you consider them family, so in this case, I am related to Keli and SheliShawn as well!!!!! The funny thing is....I was in my sweatshirt that I have slept in for the last 3 nights and has a spagetti stain on the front!! I was going to work out, so I just grabbed something warm to wear. Wouldn't you know, I would see someone I knew!!! Oh well!!! Life goes on, just another redneck moment!!!

Hope you all have a good day, I have a busy schedule on Tuesday, so I may not get to post, so I'm doing it tonight....have a good one!

Not Me Monday

OK, so this is my first Not Me Monday, and I don't have a whole lot, so I thought I would do some recent ones, then do some from a few months ago as goes!

1. I did NOT walk thru Walmart yelling my sister's name at the top of my lungs, that would have been rude!

2. I did NOT drop a "bomb" in the storeroom here at work, then walk away. I did NOT then proceed to text my brother and tell him about it and how at the age of 35 I still find that incredibly funny. That is sooo immature

3. He did NOT then proceed to show all his fellow sales reps the text and they were NOT all lauging hysterically. That would have been disrespectful.

4. I did NOT eat as much Halloween candy as my kids. I did NOT hide my favorites in the back of the candy drawer. What kind of mother would do that???

5. My final thoughts last night were NOT what I was going to type on my first Not Me Monday blog!!

Have a great day!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Perfect body, perfect soul

I LOVE music. Absolutely cannot live my life without it. I love all kinds of music, but my favorites are the old, Vietnam era genres, and the current hard rock. I love Chevelle, Lincoln Park and CCR just to name a few. So the other day, I was heading to work listening to the local hard rock station and a song came on I hadn't heard before. I was listening to the lyrics and in the chorus, they said "I want a perfect body"...I was thinking, heck yeah! Why couldn't I have been born with a high metabolism....a flat gut....thin legs.....perky boobs....and an image of the perfect body flashed in my mind (all this in the span of about 3 seconds-my mind works very fast!) Then in the next line, it said "I want a perfect soul" and God totally hit me upside the head with a 2x4. I spend more time in this life working and wishing for the perfect body rather than working for that perfect soul. I know I will never be perfect in this life, but I know God wants me to strive for it. He wants me to work on keeping my mouth shut most of the time, He wants me to work on respecting my husband, and He wants me to LOVE. These are the things I struggle with on a minute by minute basis, and yet I still worry more about my gut than I do these commands from God. How incredibly pathetic. I WILL have the perfect body in Glory. But on this planet, I will not. The impact my soul makes here on this earth is far more important than the one my body will make...(because the statement this body makes is gross!!!!!) ha ha! Anyway, I have been mulling this over alot lately, and really striving to spend more time with God and his word. I am doing a bible study by Beth Moore called "Living Outside Yourself" and if you haven't done any of her studies yet, I HIGHLY recommend them. I would also suggest getting one with a video series...she is an awesome speaker and really gets you motivated. Everytime I am done watching her, I want to do what she does!! But this study is on the Fruit of the Spirit , which I struggle with most of those---well, OK, ALL of them :) but she makes all her studies very practical and easy to apply.

2 Corinthians 4: 16-18 says: Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet INWARDLY we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal GLORY that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is ETERNAL.

Outwardly I am wasting this is supposed to happen to my body (probably not as fast as I am letting it!!), but inwardly, I get renewed day by my Maker!!! How comforting is that, to know that every day, He is willing to renew me and make my soul "perfect" so I can achieve the eternal glory with him someday! This is all temporary ladies!!! Someday, we will have the body of Eve (I hope her belly was flat)!! and a crown to match! So I will hang in there and try to keep hiding the cellulite, knowing that if my soul is right with God, that's all that matters in this life!

Love ya,

Saturday, November 15, 2008

popcorn and dog poop

ok, this is bad....I'm already putting up my second post in an hour, my third in less than 24 hours. It seems like I'm going to have to join your Bloggers Anonymous already!!! I just wanted to say ...I have 3 followers and I got 7 comments !!!! What fun is this going to be :)

We have a 6 month old German Shepherd...he just pooped on my kitchen floor...yuck. He does pretty good, but he still has accidents sometimes. Nothing like cleaning up dog poop. The funny thing is....Quad 3 and 4 just got done popping popcorn in the microwave, so we couldn't even smell the poop!!!! Quad 1 and I were just laughing over that!! Again, it's the simple things!

Have a good night!


Today, I think winter has officially set in here. It's blowing, raining, and cold! And let me truly say...I LOVE IT!! Yes, I am one of those unusual people who love winter. I can't wait for fall and winter to come. I really get cranky when I get hot, therefore, I hate summer. When winter sets in, I come alive! I love the snow, the cozy feeling of sitting next to the fire. The house smells great when I burn candles or leave the windows open. One of the parts I love the most is that I don't get hot when I get ready in the morning. Stupid, I know. But like I said, I hate to be hot, especially when I am starting my day. If I start out hot, I start out grumpy!! I thank God for windows in my bathroom!!! It's the simple things, you know!!!

We went shopping today...let me just say, I am NOT a shopper. Quad 3 had a giftcard to her fav clothing store so we went and spent that. You learn alot about your kids when you shop. She wanted to buy candy with the a clothing store....I couldn't believe it! I told her we could go to Walmart, buy twice the amt of candy for what they were asking! Plus, we were at a clothing store and you buy clothes!!! So, she ends up with gloves, a tank top, and a pair of house boots...all for 50$. Unbelieveable. We looked at a pair of boots, they wanted 48.50 for a pair of kids boots...I said NO! So we took her over to Kohls, she then got 2 pairs of shoes for 35 bucks! She was totally shocked! I told her that you can still get great, "fasionable" stuff for cheap if you are smart with your cash!! Eye opener for her!

Well, it's cold, we have a fire going and the kids are downstairs...I'm going to cuddle up with my hubby and watch a movie!
Night y'all!

Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm Back!!

Well, as you can tell, I caved! Ang persuaded me enough that I now have a blog...again. I actually did this 2 years ago, but it wasn't such a big deal then and it kind of fell thru the cracks. So now, here I am! I have an awesome husband...quad 1, and two wonderful children....I will call them quad3 and quad4.

Let me explain my husband and I loved riding ATV's and there are four of us, so I picked the "quad". My husband still rides, and I am slowly working back into the riding thing. I had a major accident 3 years ago (another post). Under much persuasion by my husband, I am slowly "caving" to the idea of riding again.

Ang is probably my very best friend, and I greatly respect and admire her. I am hoping that all this blogging won't get me fired from my job, otherwise, I may end up on a small piece of her property, shoveling out horse manure for a living since this is all her idea anyway!

I am going to make this short since it's 2am. I will start my official "blogging" tomorrow.

Night all,