Monday, November 17, 2008

walmart, rednecks and twitterers!!!

I was reading some "Not Me Monday" blogs and noticed alot of them have to do with Walmart!! Concidence? I think not! Walmart always brings out the redneck idiot in me! I have that unique ability to turn on and off my redneck trait! I am very professional at work (really, the bomb was a rare occasion and only in the storeroom) I would NEVER let my redneck show to my patients. They all think I am a very professional, smart ultrasound technologist. However whenever I go to Walmart, all my professionalism goes out the window! One time, I dared my sister to walk around Wally world, on a Saturday morning, with a produce bag on her head...tied like a do-rag......and she did it!!! Now, my sister and I are both about 6 feet tall, so people look at us together sometimes anyway and think we used to play BBall somewhere (noticed I said USED to)! So when you put a plastic bag on top of my sister's head, you get looked at, laughed at and smirked at!! It was by far the funnest trip I've ever had at Walmart!! I have gone to Walmart after not taking a shower all weekend, no makeup, in my PJ's and felt totally at home. Now, I want to define my inner redneck....I have all my teeth, I am never going to be pregnant again, I do have good hair, so it ususally looks pretty decent, and I NEVER wear flannel. So when I say inner redneck, I mean that I am looking basically like white trash, with my Indiana accent!!

Now, the real reason I'm writing this blog....I met a fellow twitterer today!!! I had met her before, briefly, but had really forgotten who she was. However, tonight, I went to work out and as I was leaving, there was SheliShawn ( I don't know if that's her real middle name or not!!) so we were chatting for a while, because she is friends with Ang, and sisters to Keli. Come to find out, she was married to my husband's cousin (yes, this is legal, although it does sound more like my redneck side!!) so I am cousins to her kids!!! Tee hee hee, I know this is probably confusing you all, but I find it incredibly humerous to know that I am realted to alot of people in my town, either by marriage or friends! When you have friends as good as Ang, you consider them family, so in this case, I am related to Keli and SheliShawn as well!!!!! The funny thing is....I was in my sweatshirt that I have slept in for the last 3 nights and has a spagetti stain on the front!! I was going to work out, so I just grabbed something warm to wear. Wouldn't you know, I would see someone I knew!!! Oh well!!! Life goes on, just another redneck moment!!!

Hope you all have a good day, I have a busy schedule on Tuesday, so I may not get to post, so I'm doing it tonight....have a good one!


Keli said...

You really are not right! And I believe that I told you long ago that SheliShawn was married to your hubby's cousin...You must have forgotten! I also didn't know you worked out down there! I do too!! Usually morning though - 5:00 am..haven't been but once in a week and 1/2 though. I've got to get back in the groove! xo

Davisix said...

OK, I need directions. How are they related? On what side? Please splain. And you are cracking me up with your inner redneck. Did I mention I had a back tooth pulled not too long ago. So, I can't even say I have all my teeth!!

Mishel said...

Laughing out loud!!!!! You are too funny. I never notice the stain, just the confederate flag in your back winder, right below the shotgun rack you dun got der in yer pickem up truck. :) BTW, nice antlers on yer grill.

See you at 5 AM SHARP!! You'll make yer mama proud.

Yer ex-cousin,
Sheli (Mishel Shawn --yes it's my middle name)

Momma_Hug@Traveling Treasures said...

You are cracking me up!!

Mc Allen said...

Ahhhhha, I mean, thats terrible, I'm really sorry. I allllways run into people when I have sweats on or eye boogers!! Never fails. Oh & I am bloggy buddy's with ang and kell and I'm having a give away to get votes for keli, please come by and check it out- then tell all your friends!!! ;) LA