Friday, November 21, 2008

Quad 4

I can't do one, without doing the other!!
Let me tell you about my Quad 4. He totally completes our family. He has a smile that lights up a room, and brown eyes that will melt your heart! He is sensitive to others needs, really before his own. He never stops playing and is constantly on the move. He loves army guys, hunting, and anything else Daddy is involved in. He likes to play jokes, but doesn't take them very well. He gets his feelings hurt quick, I think because he's so sensitive. He is a happy kid, with deep thinking. He hates to see other people hurt, but will tear up the field in football ( I think he has a little of Bob Sanders in him!!) He is currently growing out his hair so he can have dread locks like Bob, but he won't let me spike it in a mohawk or anything crazy!! He is good with little kids. He fights with his sister likes nobody's business, but then 2 minutes later, they are the best of friends. I am so glad that God gave me the privelage of being his mom in this lifetime.

Both of my kids are such good, easy going kids -most of the time!! We have our moments, but I thank God for the relationship that my husband and I have-not only between us-but with our kids as well! We are sooo blessed.
Have a good day!


Davisix said...

I got all goosebumpy with this post. What a sweet boy he is and you are right about those eyes! Your kids have AMAZING eyes. I can't wait to see them both NEXT SATURDAY!! YAY!!

Momma_Hug said...

He sounds like a fun young man. Love the pictures!

Mishel said...

He is too cute! Does Quad 4 also go by 4x4? Get it? Or am I the only one laughing?

Rachel said...

Oh, he's one of my favorite kids in the world. I miss them both!

Keli said...

Please Sheli, stop first of all! hee hee

He is a doll!!!! He's going to be a lady killer with those eyes! Great post Bran! xo