Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm Back!!

Well, as you can tell, I caved! Ang persuaded me enough that I now have a blog...again. I actually did this 2 years ago, but it wasn't such a big deal then and it kind of fell thru the cracks. So now, here I am! I have an awesome husband...quad 1, and two wonderful children....I will call them quad3 and quad4.

Let me explain my husband and I loved riding ATV's and there are four of us, so I picked the "quad". My husband still rides, and I am slowly working back into the riding thing. I had a major accident 3 years ago (another post). Under much persuasion by my husband, I am slowly "caving" to the idea of riding again.

Ang is probably my very best friend, and I greatly respect and admire her. I am hoping that all this blogging won't get me fired from my job, otherwise, I may end up on a small piece of her property, shoveling out horse manure for a living since this is all her idea anyway!

I am going to make this short since it's 2am. I will start my official "blogging" tomorrow.

Night all,


Davisix said...'s ABOUT TIME!! :) So glad you're here. Creative name too, especially for 2 in the morning. Love ya! xoxo Ang

Marchelle said...

YAY!!! can't wait to read more!

edie+steve said...

Hi I'm Edie,
So nice to 'meet' you....any friend of Ang's is a friend of mine. Welcome back!

Momma_Hug@Traveling Treasures said...

Welcome back to blogging!! We have met at least 3 times, at your job (bet you get that a lot). We have one thing in common, we both love Ang! Oh wait, two, we can both blame, I mean, give her complete credit for us blogging (you getting back into it). And so glad she talked us into it, it's so much fun!!

April said...


I'm a blogging buddy of Ang's and she sent me nice to "meet" you!! Hope you'll enjoy Blogland as much as we all can be so addictive!!

Feel free to drop over anytime and say hello!

Amy B said...

I knew it..but this is proof. I stalked Ang's blog and cause she made you start this I am now here stalking you..Okay now get started..

Shannon said...

Hi! I've recently met Angie and she's got me into blogging. I am also a hopeless Starbucks addict and we LOVE tent camping in the mountains.

Keli said...

Yes! My day is complete! I'm so happy you are blogging with us! And I can't wait to hang with you Nov.29!