Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me Monday

1. I did not mix up a batch of cinnamon muffins, and while putting them into the oven did not spill the entire muffin tin upside down on the door and into the oven drawer.

2. I did not let the oven cool down, then proceed to invite my 6 month old German Shepherd into the kitchen to help "clean" the oven. Gross. ( I did really clean the oven with soap and water....promise!)

3. I did not sit by an old man on Sunday morning during church and listen to him snort snot all thru the service.

4. I did not then proceed to keep track of his snorting with tally marks and laugh about it with Quad 3.

5. I am not still remembering he did at least 128 snorts in a half hour's time and only blew his nose once....ugh.

6. I have not had McDonald's pumpkin pies for breakfast every day for the last week....fattening :)

I have been soooo busy this weekend. I painted my entryway, downstairs guest room, and the lower half of my living room. I took some before and after pics, but forgot my camera, so you can just imagine!!!
I am soooo looking forward to this weekend, but have soooo much to do!!!

Have a very good day,


Momma_Hug said...

Great Not Me's!! Yum, the pumpkin pies from Mcd's.
And are you cooking anything in your oven for the weekend? Just wondering.
Have a great Monday! Looking forward to this weekend!

Davisix said... know I can't do snot! I feel completely sick to my stomach now! UGH!!

Can't wait to see the fresh paint...IN PERSON!! Yay me!!!

Amy B said...

What...Mcdonald's has pumpkins come I did not know this? I bet they are GOOD.
Great list.

Marchelle said...

um, did i not know mcdonald's had pumpkin pie?!?!

Keli said...

Oh no...snot? I hate snot, I hate the word snot, I hate the way it sounds when someone blows their nose...ok I'll stop now. GROSS!

Love your list, it made me LOL!