Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Giving Thanks

OK, tis the week for giving thanks.....

I want to first and foremost thank my Lord and Savior for sending his Son to die a brutal death on the cross for my sins so I can live eternally in worship to Him.
I want to thank my husband for putting up with me for 14 years! For always being my rock, and supporting me even when I have stupid ideas!
I am also thankful for.....
my kids
my parents
my sister, nephew, and brother
my BFF Ang and her awesome family
my job
McD's pumpkin pies
my Excursion...love it!!!
my pastor
my associate pastor
my bible study group and the women leading it
my youth group-they rock
my bloggy friends and twitter!
my puppy..sometimes ;)
sunsets and sunrises
babies-without them, I wouldn't have a job!!
Dunkin Donuts
Texas Roadhouse
Christian bookstore, or any bookstore for that matter!!

I'm sure I'll think of more, and I'll post them as they come.
Have a good day!!


Davisix said...

Love this post! And love more than anything that I'm a part of it. LOVE YOU!!! Ang

Marchelle said...

i love that you put walmart on there!! i hate going in there but at the same time i couldn't live without it!!! i go AT LEAST once a week! =P

Brittany said...

you forgot to mention starbucks!! ;) hehe

Keli said...

Love this list!!! I'm all for everything except for Walmart! NO you did not put that dreaded place on here! hee hee


Momma_Hug said...

Great list! Walmart not so much, but from reading your blog you have some good laughs there or about your visits..